About Us

Hailing from a reputed Business family in Kerala, Sri. Unnikrishnan Sivas, had all the good reasons to follow the footprints of his successful father, respectfully to whom he owes the brand name "SIVAS". A mighty passion for the celestial science clubbed with a concrete command over Gemology and Astrology paved greener paths to pick the less travelled route, thus innovating fresher arenas to Gems and its associated studies. With the birth of Sivas Jewelry in Kerala in 1998, the journey was quite eventful, and with again a more fresher opening in UAE, the brand today is synonymous for genuine gems. Being a ‘Certified Planetary Gemologist' Unnikrishnan Sivas is today one of the most reliable and opted names when it comes for a consultation in Gems.

At Sivas Jewellery, We offer premier services in Gem consultation and to spot and shop your fave gem jewellery from our extensive array. Rudrakshas, Diamond, Gold and Silver ornaments are again our solitary exclusives.